Master Key Week 24

I am smiling as I write this blog to end the MKMMA journey for today I understand what inspires me most. My shapes were about rank advancement, presenting and a beautiful new home with a view of the sunrise and sunset but I couldn’t get myself to get on with it. Now I realize, and will change the shapes, that helping others inspires me. I’m not afraid of making the contacts anymore because in my heart I truly am there to help them if they choose. I will still make all the rank advancements but in will be because I am in the service of others.

I really enjoyed the brain app exercise. Honestly I was a little disappointed my non dominant hand wanted to be a giraffe. Thank God he mentioned the Neuroscientist who had written the same thing and now I thrilled about it!

I have always loved learning so most of the time I am I a listening to an audiobook but this week I decided to be more quiet. I realize it’s the only way to find our true authentic self.

I am better for haven taken the MKMMA class and will continue to grow with the information I learned. All my best to each and everyone one of you!


Master Key Week 23

Wow! What a week! It has always seemed that when God wants me to get it I get the message 3 different ways. This week I really got that MKMMA is on track! A spoke with a brilliant man who had a near death experience who told me it left him with the gift of seeing what people’s blocks are regarding where they are in their lives. Basically it was negative emotions that keep us from the higher vibration of love. To forgive ourselves, situations and others raises our vibration to God which is within us. This gentleman lectures and demonstrates finding people’s blocks and removing them. When I asked him the best way we could all help ourselves it was meditation! Who knew? Anyone taking the MKMMA course:)

Master Key Week 22a

Mastering our emotions…..hum….well something settle must be happening. The other day I got a notice from the IRS that I owed them $3500 more for last year. Normally that would freak me out a bit but I just thought, ” I don’t own this, it’s just a veil of illusion. If I believe it I own it.” I brought the notice to my account & he said the IRS had missed it and everything was fine, he would take care of it. Isn’t it wonderful to stay calm and not waste your energy just because something looks scary?

Master Key Week 22

In the Master Keys this week Our assignment spoke about our thoughts controlling our physical health. I realized the physical situation I had been working on required me to visualize the perfect working order instead of focusing on what other outside solution I should try next. When the problem would begin to appear I would repeat, ” I am whole, perfect, powerful, strong, kind, loving, happy and harmonious” as well as mentally visualize it working perfectly. It is working! Yahoo!

Master Key Week 21

It was so beautiful! Last night I did a presentation for a distributor’s first meeting. She made the event warm, loving & personable. I was so impressed I wanted to specifically let her know. As I wrote the text I first thought I just wanted to compliment her, then I thought this is how to help her work her strengths, then it hit me…. I was also teaching myself new skills. Ahha! This is the giving a receiving!

Master Key Week 20

Writing out how many times will we have until life is over really made me think. It’s like being a kid & thinking we’d never grow old, now it’s the realization that we need to appreciate every moment we have left and live it to the fullest.

Master key Week 19

I must be terribly stubborn. I have doing the homework, believing in the principles but something was missing. Maybe I just need to get it from different sources to implement it, maybe it’s finally just coming together none the less I think, for me, I got it! The key is small steps done consistently over time to achieve our goals!